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Quality Engineer

Quality Engineer Quality Engineer ʶҹЧҹ ѧԴѺѤ ѹ // ˹§ҹ / ͧ ѷ ͪ ӡѴ ӹǹѺѤ (ѵ) дѺԹ͹ (ҷ) ҧ , ҷ ֧ , ҷ(ʺóö) Ǵҹ çҹ/üԵ/ǺسҾǡͧ/çҹ/ǡصˡ ѡɳЧҹ áԨ Ե͡ẺǡѺҹ¹ Ժѵԧҹ ط ѧѴйظ ˹ҷ´ͧҹ - Pre-quality planning and mass production handover - Quality Process Monitoring and Management - Customer service management of specific products and departmental products - Continuous Improvement Management - Other affairs management سѵԼѤ .Ȫ. - .ԭҵբ Ң ǡҹ¹ ǡС ǡͧ ҢǢͧ.responsible and able to work as a team.Able to work well under pressure.Experienced in project management in the automotive parts industry.Can use English to communicate ѧѴ軯Ժѵԧҹ йظ ʴԡ / ʴԡ - Թҧ Һҹ ҵ˹ ԸѺѤ Ѥ Online ҹ кͧҧҹ ԸѺѤ ͺ Ѵɳ [-- ]Ѥüҹ Email Դ - ͺ ѷ ͪ ӡѴ Ţ / ˷ɮ ǧҵѹ ࢵͧ ا෾ҹ -- Email